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Overview of Oita City - Access

Located in the eastern part of Kyushu, Oita City is the capital city of Oita Prefecture and is well-connected to different areas in Japan. There are a number of direct flights to Tokyo and Osaka from Oita Airport every day. It is a two-hour ride by express train from Fukuoka, the main gateway of Kyushu, and many ferry lines connect it to other major areas in Japan. It is convenient to travel from Oita Airport to Oita City on the hovercraft ferry—one of the few passenger boats in the world.

From Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka to Oita City By Airplane

From Osaka/Kobe to Oita City By Ferry

From Fukuoka/Kitakyushu to Oita City

Access from Oita City By Car

Beppu City���20min
Yufu City(Yufuin)���1hr
Kumamoto City���3hr
Saga City���3hr
Nagasaki City���4hr
Miyazaki City���4hr
Kagoshima City���5hr

From Overseas

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