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Locations in Oita City

View from Sekizaki Marine / Astronomical Museum

Bishago Stone

Spring at Oita River

Nanasegawa River Nature Park

Stepped rice paddies

Hojyo Pond

National Arbor Day Memorial Park

Kawarauchi River

The natural environment of Oita expresses itself in a rich multitude of ways—the coastline with its variety of bays and beaches, the leisurely passing of time like slowly meandering rivers, and the land that is bathed in a range of attractive colors every season.

Yusuhara Hachiman Shrine

Maruyama Hachiman Shrine Gate

Oita Bank, "Akarenga" (red brick) Branch

Callahan's old residence

Ancient Tomb of Kamezuka

The site of Saganoseki line


Sake Distillery of the Hoashi Family

A large number of historical artifacts can still be found in Oita City today, such as traditional Japanese-style buildings from the past, modern Western-style architecture, and ruins that bring to mind ancient time.

Mt.Takasaki Wild Monkey Park

Umitamago Aquarium

Black-tailed Gull of Takashima Island

Tanoura Beach

Sano Botanical Gardens

Iichiko Grand Theater

Takashima Campsite

Tsukano Mineral Spring

There are many places for leisure and recreation in Oita City. You will be able to find the right atmosphere to match any scenes you have in mind—from relaxing scenes to exciting ones.

Daily life
JR Nishi-Oita Station

Funai Go-bangai Street

Town of Saganoseki


Saganoseki Fishing Port

Town of Omichi-machi

Suehiromachi Food Stalls

Akeno Housing estate

The real face of the city—the warmth and sincerity of people living in Oita City is revealed here.

Kyushu Oil Dome

Oita Hovercraft Ferry

Isshakuya Junior High School(Closed)

Tunnel in Takashima Island

Kantan Circus park



OITA-TOBU Hospital

This section introduces the locations that do not belong to any of the categories above, such as scenery and structures that are symbolic of Oita.

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