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Overview of the Project

What is the“Oita City Location Office” ?

It is a non-profit organization that provides support for film shooting, making of television programs and commercials, etc. in Oita City and helps to ensure that such activities proceed smoothly.

Purpose of Establishment

Oita City is equipped with various elements that make it a suitable stage for location shooting for movies and dramas. It boasts an abundance of nature such as seas and mountains, as well as a rich and unique traditional culture nurtured through its long history. “Oita City Location Office” was established in April 2006 to help develop an attractive city that effectively utilizes the unique culture and the natural environment. At the same time, the city hopes to increase the amount of interaction among people, to promote local revitalization, and to boost the city’s reputation by providing attractive locations and sending out visual information.

Support Activities

Oita City Location Office provides various services related to image production, such as the making of movies, television programs, and commercials.

  • Oita City Location Office offers consultation services related to the production of movies, television programs, etc.
  • Oita City Location Office introduces locations matching the image of your film.
  • The staff from Oita City Location Office accompanies you and provides guidance during your hunt for locations and scenes.
  • Oita City Location Office provides support by taking care of the paperwork needed to obtain the necessary approval in order to make use of public facilities or roads for location shooting.
  • Oita City Location Office introduces you to companies that provide the secondary services needed during location shooting, such as accommodation, transport, and catering.
  • Oita City Location Office provides support in negotiating with, or in requesting cooperation from, the relevant parties at the location.
  • Oita City Location Office arranges for and recruits extras.

A Member of AFCI and AFCNet

Oita City Location Office is a member of AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International) and AFCNet (Asian Film Commissions Network); the latter is a network that helps to facilitate filming activities and to strengthen cooperative ties in the Asian region.

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